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The Green Smoke Products

Are you looking for electronic cigarette that slightly has cheaper or affordable price? If you are, then you can get the best recommendation from Smokers Utopia where they are offering electronic cigarette from different brands. The new brand for electronic cigarette is the Green Smoke where they are releasing the new version of electronic cigarette under the name code of KR808D2. Now, for those who are accustomed to smoke the electronic cigarette might recognize the Green Smoke from the KR808D1.

The aforementioned two model cigarettes are completely different as the KR808D2 is also referred as the E9 which distributed from Chinese wholesalers and suppliers. To distinct the two products, you can notice the thread sizes and the voltage ratings. As you read other reviews such as the starfire cigs reviews, you will able to learn to distinct one electronic cigarette brand to another. If you notice, each review on the aforementioned site is equipped with stars and that is how you determine the popularity of the electronic cigarette.

Now, back to the electronic cigarette products from the Green Smoke, you already know how to distinct their products with other brands. According to the green smoke review, the electronic cigarette products are easier to be refilled with e liquid cartomizer and this product is also compatible with other electronic cigarette brands.

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