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What Every Realtor Should Include on Their Real Estate Website

The Internet can provide a lot of things for us, and a lot of people are already using the Internet to gather all the information that they need. As a realtor, you need to ensure that you will also have your own web site because this will help you to provide all the information that you want your clients to see.

Here are some of the reasons why you need to have your own web site:

Give all the information that potential clients needs immediately.
Show them how great your services are.
Compare the services that you have with your competitors.
Have a list of the things that they can expect from you.

But before you can get all of these things, you still need to make sure that you are going to create your web site with all the information that your clients need. This is where a lot of realtors are having problems with, which should not be your case. Below are some of the things that you need to include in your website whenever you are planning to have one.

Give them your years of experience in the business. This will help give them the assurance that you really have the skills that they need, and they can be assured that they will get what’s best for them. Continue Reading

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Commercial Realtors – Make Your Career Your Hobby

In commercial real estate sales and leasing, you get all sorts of people entering the industry thinking that they can make lots of money and commissions. Certainly they can do that although what they think and what they do within their career is really important to the process.

Far too many people start working in the industry thinking that the listings and the deals will come to them simply because they are ‘good at what they do’. Nothing could be further from the truth; rarely do things simply ‘come’ to you. The reality of the situation is that there are many ‘good’ people around the property market place that are just like you. They make some commissions and have some listings to work on, but the process is a bit of a struggle most of the time.

You can change this entire ‘struggle’ process by making your job a ‘hobby’ and living your ‘hobby’ on a daily basis. This simple change in outlook helps you do the extra things that really matter and have to be done every day. Those are the things that the ordinary salesperson just does not get to or avoids.

When you make your job a hobby, these things start to happen for you:

You can build a better base of customers and clients that know you as a real expert in selling and leasing commercial property
Your domination of listings in the local property market is easier for you to achieve
Deals seem to get easier to put together because of a mindset supported by growth and process
Repeat business comes back to you from people that experienced great service and positive outcomes in the deal undertaken
You work longer and harder and yet you do not notice the hours that you put in

In simple terms you start to live in your job and not ‘at your job’. The word ‘job’ is perhaps no longer correct because the activities you do every day are such an easy and pleasurable process. You develop a habit of doing the right things that really matter.

I have never seen a commercial sales person that is highly successful, and who works to another person’s rules and timetable. These great performers are good for one reason only; they control what they do and they take the right action every day. Continue Reading

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Commercial Realtors – New Roles and People to Expand Your Business

The commercial real estate market is diverse and different to normal real estate. The levels of knowledge required by the sales and leasing team are specific and complex. The team needs to comprehensively service the following issues:

The marketing of commercial and retail real estate into the local property investment community
The target marketing of each and every listing that comes into the agency using the best available marketing tools.
Understanding the levels and methods of sale and lease as they apply to different property types currently.
The sources of opportunity and enquiry given the existing property market economic conditions.
The supply and demand for future commercial and retail property as it applies locally

When the real estate agency becomes more successful, there are alternatives of employment and roles within the business that can be expanded or changed. Here are some ideas to help with that.

It is beneficial to identify and employ a person specifically for the role of listing agent. Their job will be to prospect continually for new business within the target categories that suit your business model. The choice of person here is quite important as they need to be consistent in their prospecting and have the character to suit good client relations and communication. Ultimately this person should share in the commissions from the completed successful transaction. They may also achieve some remuneration from the creation of each and every listing. This assumes that not every listing will sell or lease however the listing agent should be reimbursed for their successful conversion of their prospecting to a quality listing. One important fact needs to be understood; the listing agent has to attract the right quality of listings and list them at the right price or rental. There is no point in listing something that is of poor quality and will destroy your business image. Continue Reading

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